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We are WikiWorks, a consulting company dedicated exclusively to MediaWiki implementation.

About MediaWiki: MediaWiki is the open-source wiki application best known for powering Wikipedia. It is also the most popular wiki application in the world, in use on tens of thousands of sites in many different languages, on wikis for everyone from small groups to communities to government agencies and major corporations.

Read more about MediaWiki and its strengths at "Why MediaWiki?".

"Enterprise MediaWiki". There are a number of important extensions to MediaWiki that do not get used on sites like Wikipedia, but get used heavily within companies and organizations. These include Cargo, Semantic MediaWiki and Page Forms which together or separately allow wikis to store data that can then be queried and displayed in many different ways. These extensions can turn a wiki into a collaborative database, letting many people work on the same data set without fear of users overriding each others' contributions. We have significant experience with both applications, and we recommend incorporating either one into wiki solutions whenever possible.

If you use Microsoft SharePoint specifically, or you're considering using it, read here about why we think using Cargo or Semantic MediaWiki, plus Page Forms, makes the better choice, at "Enterprise MediaWiki vs. SharePoint".

Conversely, if you are considering using the Wikibase set of extensions, we don't recommend it, but can implement a set of tools alongside it, which we call Enhanced Wikibase, which can make a Wikibase installation more likely to succeed.


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About WikiWorks: We are a consulting company, formed in 2009, that implements MediaWiki solutions for clients large and small. Our founder, Yaron Koren, is a veteran MediaWiki programmer who is one of the key developers of so-called "Enterprise MediaWiki". On our staff we also have other MediaWiki developers, and people with significant experience implementing MediaWiki solutions.

At WikiWorks, we can handle any and all aspects of creating a wiki, from installing MediaWiki and any necessary extensions, to creating a skin and logo, to designing the data structure, to providing ongoing technical support, to doing custom development (see here for a listing of our development work), to providing tutorials on wiki usage, to giving tips on how to increase usage and visibility of your wiki. If you hire us, one or more consultants will be assigned to your project, based on the nature of the work; our consultants generally work remotely.

Canasta: A Docker-based MediaWiki distribution, created by a consortium of companies, including WikiWorks. It makes installation and maintenance of MediaWiki, and its most popular extensions, much easier to do; we recommend the use of Canasta to anyone, and use it as much as possible within our own projects as well.

Hosting: We can do custom hosting for your wiki(s) on an independent server, with whatever customizations and level of service you need.

Our book: Check out Yaron Koren's MediaWiki reference book, Working with MediaWiki. It covers all aspects of running a MediaWiki installation, and includes many of the tips and best practices we have learned during our years of consulting. The book is available for ordering, and can also be viewed in its entirety online.

Podcast: Yaron hosts the podcast Between the Brackets, which every two weeks has an interview with a different notable MediaWiki developer or user.

Contact us. To talk with us, please write to us at info@wikiworks.com to let us know about your specific needs. A MediaWiki consultant from WikiWorks will email you back to discuss the possibilities; the consultation is free.

Our "wiki works". Some of our current and previous clients include: