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Welcome to the WikiWorks blog

Hello, everyone; this is the first post of the blog for WikiWorks, the MediaWiki consulting company. We are a consulting company (possibly the first?) dedicated exclusively to implementing MediaWiki-based solutions for companies and organizations. I founded the company four months ago, in November 2009, and we currently number about six consultants, all with significant MediaWiki experience, in various parts of the world. Most of us work on this only part-time, but collectively we can handle everything from small, several-hour projects to long, involved ones.

Why MediaWiki? Besides powering Wikipedia, it also has become the world’s most popular wiki software, by just about any metric, over the last seven years. It’s powerful, robust and easily extendable, in ways well beyond what the original developers planned. Among those extensions is the Semantic MediaWiki family of extensions, which helps to turn a wiki into something much more than a wiki: a complete collaborative database. We believe Semantic MediaWiki is a revolutionary tool that nearly any organization can make use of. We think SMW also represents a case of the open-source solution being the most advanced one: there’s no tradeoff needed here between cost and feature-set.

Besides implementing sites and software, we’re also in the business of promoting MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. None of us are affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation, who are nominally in charge of MediaWiki (though I’ve done some work for them); although maybe that’s appropriate, since so far the Wikimedia Foundation has not done any MediaWiki evangelism themselves, preferring to focus on maintaining their websites, like Wikipedia. That’s a reasonable decision on their part (and it also underscores how impressive MediaWiki’s success has been), but it means that the need still exists for others to promote and provide support and structure for the usage of MediaWiki, and we hope that WikiWorks will be a part of that solution.

Over the next months and years we hope to use this blog to keep you updated on our projects, developments within MediaWiki, and our thoughts about the software; but we’d also like to hear your comments, since every part of creating good software involves feedback and community discussion. So, let’s get started.

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