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Cool OpenEI video

OpenEI, or Open Energy Info, is a Semantic MediaWiki-based wiki created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, meant to hold information on renewable-energy initiatives and companies around the world. I helped them a little with putting it together last year, soon before WikiWorks was founded. By all measures, it looks like the site is going great for them.

They just very recently put up a video showing one of the OpenEI articles (”Vestas“), and how to edit it.

There are already a few videos on the web that show SMW in action, but this one might be my new favorite because it’s clear and to the point, and you can see some related extensions in action there: Semantic Forms, Semantic Maps, CategoryTree (within the form), and Widgets.

The narrator interestingly calls this wiki a “wikipedia”, which I guess in this context means “wiki encyclopedia” – more idiosyncratic than incorrect, I would say.

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  1. Awesome! They are using Semantic Maps – yay. They got one of the more unstable versions though :(

  2. Hi Jeroen. This is GregZ and I work on OpenEI. What stable release can you recommend?

    Greg ZieboldFebruary 18, 2010 @ 7:40 PM
  3. The latest one, 0.5.3, should be a lot more stable then 0.4.2, so I suggest you get that one :)

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