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Six conferences

Working with MediaWiki, and usually Semantic MediaWiki as well, we find ourselves at the intersection of a number of different worlds: Wikipedia, corporate wikis, the Semantic Web, etc. To that end, we’ll be at several conferences this year and next – here are the known ones:

  • First, one from the past: the Spring 2010 SMWCon happened just about a month ago, at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I mostly put the conference together, including getting the catering (it was a challenge on a tiny budget, but we managed – the key is not to order too much fruit). There were about 30 attendees, and some quite in-depth presentations and discussions. Everything was videotaped, and though the videos aren’t online yet, I have reason to believe that they’ll be up quite soon.
  • The next SMWCon is already scheduled, and happening not long from now – it’ll be September 18-19, in Amsterdam. I’ll be there, along with possibly two other members of WikiWorks. This one looks to be a big deal, judging from the enthusiasm of the planners (not me, thankfully).
  • SemTech, the big annual semantic conference in California. None of us are there this year (it’s happening now), but I think we’ll try for next year.
  • Wikimania – the annual convention relating to all Wikimedia projects, but mostly Wikipedia – is coming up; it’ll be in Gdansk, Poland, in about two weeks. Unfortunately, I won’t be going, unlike the last two years – it just felt like too much, with everything else that was going on. But WikiWorks member Jeroen De Dauw will be there, and will be making several presentations, including one about his extensions Maps and Semantic Maps, and another about his very-eagerly-anticipated Extension Management Platform, that he’s working on now.
  • Speaking of Wikimania, the location of next year’s Wikimania was recently announced – it’ll be in Haifa, Israel next summer. It’s amazing to me that Wikimania is coming to Haifa – I grew up there in the early 1980s, I used to go back with my family fairly often after that, and the city and country are still very dear to my heart. I never thought my professional career would end up taking me back there; I plan to be there, if at all possible, and it may well be an emotional experience.
  • That brings us to RecentChangesCamp, aka “RoCoCo” (that’s the French name for it), which is happening this weekend in Montreal. It covers wikis in general, although judging from the attendees list it looks like at least half the people there will be from the MediaWiki world. I’ll be there, and I’m very much looking forward to it – it’ll be nice to talk to people from different parts of the wiki world – other people involved in development, hosting, design, and all the other things WikiWorks does on a daily basis, though not usually with much input from others. And Montreal is a great city – one of the nicest in the world, I think.

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  1. Wow. Wikimania in Haifa! I’ve never been to Haifa. I hope I can go somehow. But I’m probably dreaming…

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