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Tanatopedia launched

We are proud to announce (a few days late) the public launch of Tanatopedia, a new Spanish-language wiki about death, and its presence in culture, religion, the funeral industry, etc. The wiki is sponsored and run by Serveis Funeraris Integrals, a Spanish/Catalan funeral-services company, and was implemented by WikiWorks, with the work done by David Gómez and Enric Senabre Hidalgo. The wiki makes extensive use of Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions.

Tanatopedia seems to be the first wiki of its kind, and has already gotten some pretty extensive publicity within Spain – here’s a
nice article about it (Spanish-language) in La Vanguardia, a major Spanish newspaper.

UPDATE: David and Enric add the following:

Tanatopedia is funded and promoted by Serveis Funeraris Integrals (SFI), one of the most important funerary companies in Spain (located in the Barcelona area), but is open to other funerary companies, civil associations, scholars and anyone interested. The project won an internal projects call for innovation and comes from an original idea of Fidel Martínez, SFI employee and wiki-enthusiast.

We at Wikiworks were asked to collaborate in the project development implementing Semantic MediaWiki technology, working together with Fidel to make Tanatopedia possible. We have worked specifically on the data structure and forms for entering information about funeral services, infrastructures, companies, religious options (and their requirements in funerary issues) and related artwork.

We made this information to be stored in various semantic properties and have created section pages for each of these issues, that dynamically display the contents when added. Through the Drilldown extension we made it also possible to explore the content and filter the pages related to these properties.

Since last week Tanatopedia is open; waiting for contributions.

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