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Announcing our book…

I am happy to announce a project I’ve been working on for a rather long time now: Working with MediaWiki, a general-purpose guide to MediaWiki. It finally was released officially two days ago. It’s available in print-on-demand (where it numbers roughly 300 pages), e-book (.epub and .mobi formats) and PDF form.

As anyone who knows WikiWorks and our interests might expect, Semantic MediaWiki and its related extensions get a heavy focus in the book: a little less than one third of the book is about the Semantic MediaWiki-based extensions. I think that’s generally a good ratio: anyone who wants to learn about Semantic MediaWiki can get a solid understanding of it, both conceptually and in practice; while people who don’t plan to use it still get a lot of content about just about every aspect of MediaWiki.

This book is, in a sense, an extension of our consulting business, because there’s a lot of information and advice contained there that draws directly on my and others’ experience setting up and improving MediaWiki installations for out clients. There’s a section about enabling multiple languages on the same wiki, for instance, which is a topic I’ve come to know fairly well because that’s a rather common request among clients. The same goes for controlling read- and write-access. Conversely, there is only a little information devoted to extensions that enable chat rooms within wikis, even though there are a fair number of them, because clients have never asked about installing chat stuff.

So having this book is like having access to our consultants, although of course at a lower price and with all the benefits of the written word. (And plenty of illustrations.) And I think it’s a good investment even for organizations that do work with us, to get the standard stuff out of the way so that, when it comes time to do consulting, we can focus on the challenging and unique stuff.

Once again, here is the book site: Working with MediaWiki. I do hope that everyone who’s interested in MediaWiki checks it out – my hope is that it could make using MediaWiki simpler for a lot of people.

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