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SMWCon coming to New York, March 20-22

If you use Semantic MediaWiki, or are curious about it, I highly recommend going to SMWCon, the twice-yearly conference about Semantic MediaWiki. The next one will be a month and half from now, in New York City – the conference page is here. I will be there, as will Jeroen De Dauw, who will be representing both core SMW developers and the extremely important Wikidata project; as will a host of SMW users from corporations, the US government, startups and academia. There will be a lot of interesting talks, the entrance fee is quite reasonable ($155 for a three-day event), and I’m the local chair, so I can tell you for sure that there will be some great evening events planned. (And the main conference will be at the hacker mecca ITP, which is itself a cool spot to check out if you’ve never been there.) I hope some of you can make it!

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