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WikiWorks: Development Work

A sizable part of the work we have done for clients is the creation and improvement of MediaWiki extensions. When a piece of functionality that doesn't currently exist is requested by a client, the right solution is often to create a new extension, or to add on to an existing extension. We put a focus on making our software as generic and flexible as possible, to provide the greatest benefit for the overall MediaWiki community; and we believe that this approach helps the original client as well, since a widely-used extension becomes a well-maintained extension. For the same reason, we try to always release the software we create as open source.

Our vast experience in MediaWiki development allows us to create high-quality, usable code in a reasonable time frame. We pride ourselves on being unsurpassed in the number of successful extensions we have created for our clients.

Here are the extensions that we have created for clients; in some cases, these extensions were later expanded significantly, by ourselves and others:

Here are the extensions that we have improved for clients:

And here are some of the many other extensions our members have created or maintain, outside of WikiWorks:

Finally, there is the Miga Data Viewer, a lightweight Javascript framework we created that allows for easy browsing of structured data, including data from MediaWiki.

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